How 2nd Chance Apartment Works

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The apartments listed on our website have been identified as communities that will work with individuals with one or multiple situations listed below.

  • Bad Credit

  • Broken Lease 

  • Evictions

  • Misdemeanors

  • First-time Renters 


However, every place has different criteria; for example, an apartment may accept broken leases but only if it has been three years since the incident occurred. In contrast, other apartment communities may not care if the property debt has been paid in full or isn't over a certain amount owed. 

Keys to success

To successfully lease a new apartment, please exercise patience and get organized. Here is a spreadsheet to help you stay organized while contacting apartments and to keep notes. 




Calling Script

Always call apartments before visiting. When calling an apartment, you want to know the rental requirements, rent specials, availability, and lastly schedule a showing if you meet the rental requirements and are interested in leasing at the community. 

Calling Tips 


  1. Call and state you are working with an apartment locator.


  1. Then only ask for availability for the type of unit you want.

    1. (No need to tell your business if no units are available)

  2. If they have availability, ask for current rent rates and any specials.

    1. (Get this info beforehand so they can’t change it afterward)

  1. Then tell them your situation and ask if it will be a problem.

    1. (Be sure to get their name and only deal with them)


What not to say to apartments 

Please never ask apartment communities if they offer second-chance leasing or anything similar to that. Every apartment has its own opinion/definition of what that phrase means, and most apartments will say no before fully understanding your situation. 


So instead, we recommend explaining your unique situation. For explain, “This is John Doe; I have an eviction from March of 2020.” You do not need to go too far into detail when disclosing this sensitive information. 


Remember, you are selling yourself to the apartment complex. So be nice and professional when calling the apartments we have listed. 


How to apply for the apartment


It's very important that the properties you visit understand you are working with 2nd Chance Apartment. This is how we get compensated and are able to give you a rebate. You will apply directly with the apartment community online or in person. 

Contact us prior to visiting apartment communities

  • Some apartments require us to pre-register you before calling or visiting their community. It only takes a moment to contact us and make sure you're registered before visiting.


List 2nd Chance Apartment on the guest card

  • Most apartments complete a Guest Card with your basic contact information when you visit. It's important to list "2nd Chance Apartment" as your referral source on this guest card.


List 2nd Chance Apartment on the rental application

  • After you've found the perfect place, you'll be asked to complete a Rental Application. It's very important to list "2nd Chance Apartment" as your referral source on this document as well. This section is usually labeled "Why You Rented Here."

Stay Positive 

Please don't get discouraged if you don’t meet the criteria for an apartment.  We have over 30 apartments listed in most areas that will consider you. 


In some instances, you may follow all the steps perfectly and still be denied, but unfortunately, we can't guarantee approval. We work diligently to ensure our apartment lists are accurate and up to date. We can always send you a new list, and if you paid a deposit, here is a link to help you get the deposit returned if they are giving you a hard time. 

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